Belated She Hulk Defense and Site Updates

The website here has fallen out of sync with the Deviant Art page. When that happens its usually because there was a code or server update I needed to perform, but dragged my feet on. Such is the case this time as well. If you're reading this, however, it's all been sorted out.

I sat on the sidelines for the David Goyer debacle. His comments on the She Hulk character were pretty disparaging and drew condemnation, far and wide. It's impressive when a relatively minor character can get such profound community support.

As it turns out, I didn't need to really respond. Bob "Moviebob" Chipman posted this incredibly nuanced defense of the character:

Money quote:

A woman in comics, hell a woman in fiction, that gets powers and doesn't really suffer for them? That is new. That is interesting. Especially when you consider the powers she gets--extreme physical strength--is traditionally thought of as a masculine ideal. And it got even more interesting when the comics did away with the anger-trigger plot device for her transformations. Thus removing all trace of the problematic PMS or hysteria metaphors that often accompany empowered female characters.

She Hulk can often be a dull character, because by definition she's mentally sound, not a basket case on any level. Chipman nails society's illease with powerful women. Stories involving them often end in blatant "comeuppance" or self destruction. She Hulk playing against this creates a tension. Its an angle that most She Hulk writers both in Marvel and in the fan-fiction space (myself included) have yet to really exploit.