Happy New Year - New Irradiated Woman Sequence

2013 is finally, mercifully over. Yay.

In celebration, I banged out the pencils for another Irradiated Woman installment in one sitting. One five hour sitting, but one sitting regardless.

The Irradiated Woman concept was supposed to be pretty simple: girl gets agitated then she gets angry, finally big. But I couldn't figure out whether the character should be played for laughs or for horror. If more lighthearted, I couldn't show the violent aftermaths of her outbursts. I really didn't want a gory conclusion to these stories, but I didn't want her to just yell and scream in the last panel either. Conundrum. It's led to me shelving a few potential stories. I'm a bit worried about the last page, but it had to end somehow.

I wanted to throw this one up here quick so just basic inks from pens. Still got a few hours of vacation left, hope to spend it on something or other.