The Spell

Caroline slammed the door behind as she leapt into her dorm room. No one had seen her run like mad from her car. 'God, I hope I locked the doors…' she said to herself while setting the large box on the floor.

Holly, her roommate, was at home for the weekend, just like most of her predominately freshman dorm, so she had the perfect opportunity. 'Car, I won't need one for very much longer,' she whispered, as if someone could easily hear her. She imagined bolting through the countryside on the speed of her newly powerful legs. Raising her massive arms like wings. It was a beautiful vision, and Caroline started to act it out until catching her reflection in Holly's mirror. She walked over to it slowly, in an overblown seductive manner, trying to stare herself down.

She looked over her stringy brown hair, and the red acne on her pale white face. She let her belly hang out, not that any of her clothes could hide her slight obesity anyway. 'No wonder they treat you like they do…' Caroline cringed as she recalled the blond who broke up her Magic™ game.

"Fat Nerd!" The blond screamed, as she kicked the pile of cards into the air, "Why do have block the Fucking Door with your Dork SHIT!!!"

Then other students chimed in, "…can't you do that in your dorms… why do they have to block the ONLY entrance… tired of stepping over them to get in…"

Caroline's friends hadn't played since.

She broke off from the mirror and headed to the box, dumping the contents on her bed. She grabbed her occult book and tried to find her place. 'Here we go… Spell of Vigor….' The spell itself was in Latin, so she was glad she'd taken it instead of Spanish for her Pre-Law requirement.

Following the directions, she started laying the necessary items in a circle on the floor. Once finished, she sat in the center and lit an anointed candle she found in a coffee shop. She frowned a bit, doubting if her ancient spell book--purchased off eBay for five dollars and postage--actually commanded any magical capabilities. The pages didn't feel like paper… if it was from the right period then they should be animal hide, and the binding was thick leather that looked ages old. But she recalled the blond again, her height, the firmness of her breasts, and the way 'fat' rolled off her tongue, and Caroline knew that the spell would work because it had to. She simply couldn't weather another barrage of insults.

So after taking a deep breath interrupted by giggles, she started to read the spell quietly. The candle started to flicker brighter and brighter, while the light outside her window started to dim. Caroline couldn't help but notice, though she couldn't break away from the spell. Her voiced rose as she became excited; she felt on fire from reading the spell as if her clothes would burn off her right then. Thunder cracked outside, and Caroline knew it was the spell. She felt so powerful, disbelieving that she alone could be doing this.

As she finished the final passage, the entire building seemed to rumble. She shouted the final words, and a huge bolt of lightning lit up her window and rattled the dorm with the force of its impact. And then everything went quiet. Light began to slowly creep back.

Caroline shot up, sweating from the excitement, but nothing else. "What the hell happened?" She felt exactly the same… no change. To her knowledge, she hadn't mispronounced any of the words, and it obviously did something up to the last line.

She walked over to Holly's mirror to make sure, but stopped at the window. "Oh my God!" A big section of the pavement was charred by the lightning blast, and in the center laid a still body. Holly shrieked and ran out of her room.

"I killed somebody! I killed somebody!" she repeated, making her way outside.

The person was getting to her feet when Caroline reached her. "OhmyGod I saw what happened, are you okay?" She cried.

The other student stood a little taller than Caroline's five six and looked to be in a haze, as if she was going to fall back to the Earth at any moment.

"Are you okay?"

The other girl couldn't look straight ahead, her head bounced around while her eyes teared up and her lips quivered.

"What's you're name?"

The girl tried to focus on Caroline, "Bet-Betty…" she forced.

"Okay Betsy, why don't you come –"

"Bah-Betty." Betty held her forehead, and started to wheeze.

"Sorry, Betty, my name's Caroline, look, my room's right there," Caroline pointed toward a window, "right on the ground floor, I can get you a glass of water and call the medics, okay?"

Betty nodded vacantly. Caroline took her hand and slowly walked to the dorm. She was still excited, and didn't know if it was more due to guilt or the power for causing this all. The grass was charred all around the pavement and the lamppost bulbs had shattered into black fragments.

Betty suddenly let out a shrill cry. Caroline spun and gasped when she realized why. In Betty's free hand, a large clump of her long brown hair hung in between her fingers.

Caroline was so transfixed that she didn't notice Betty's cry grow to continual sobs. But when she looked up into Betty's eyes she restrained from crying too, 'You'll be fine, come on, the medics will fix you up.'

"This is my room, here, Betty." Caroline opened her door, and started to lead Betty in when she realized that her occult items were still out in the open. "OhmyGod, wait a minute!" she cried slamming the door on Betty, who started to moan.

"I can't believe this…" she repeated as she frantically kicked the items under her furniture. "Hurry, hurry…" The spell book was too large, so she just threw it under her backpack. Caroline opened her door to see Betty in a ball in against the hall's wall. "I am so sorry, Betty, but I-uhm you know right? Well come in."

As Caroline helped her up, Betty gave a loud moan, "…I was just walking to the library…just going to dr-drop something off in the library…"

"Shhh, here lie down," Caroline helped her onto Holly's bed.

"…Just to the library, just for a second… there weren't any clouds out, and then… out of nowhere."

"Just relax you're okay… are you cold? You're shivering. Here let me get a sweater," Caroline ran to her closet. Since coming inside, Betty's skin color had paled to a fragile, light pink. "Here lemme help you with this one…" Caroline sat Betty up and slipped the baggy sweater over her white T-shirt. As her head slipped through the neck ring, Betty's remaining hair fell off.

"My hair!"

"No no it's fine, here I'm going to call the medics now." Caroline had to bite her lip from getting too worked up. If I start screaming too, she reasoned, then this girl's going to lose it right here.

Caroline didn't have the direct number for emergencies on campus (only that it wasn't 911 for some stupid reason) so she had to wade through the automated switchboard. All the while, Betty mumbled to herself, between sobs, loud enough that Caroline went into the kitchen area to get a little quieter.

When she finished the call, she filled a glass with water for Betty; it was one of the things sick people always needed more of. She had calmed down considerably, in the kitchen, and thought of what else she could do with the book. Wild fantasies inspired by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the old role-playing games from high school filled her imagination. She bit her lip as she exited with the water, she mused, 'some people can only bend spoons… well ka- boom.'

She positioned her hand into a gun, and cocked her thumb. 'Zap.'

A loud moan interrupted Caroline's fantasy. She ran back into bedroom to see Betty crouched on the floor.

"Betty, here I have some water."

"Uhn-" she moaned in response."

"I called the medics, Betty. Betty? They'll be here real soon, ok?"

"My shoes."


"My feet are killing me…please help me get these shoes off…"

Caroline was slightly startled by the request, but felt obligated. She set the water down and crouched alongside Betty. "God your shoes are glued on." Caroline exclaimed as she tugged at them, but Betty could only moan in response. After some degree of struggle, she finally twisted her shoes off. "Here, why don't you drink some water-you'll feel much better."

Caroline got Betty to her feet, afraid that she needed to keep her awake. Betty took tepid sips of the water, and then straightened out. Caroline stepped back, in surprise. Outside, Betty had only been about an inch taller, but now, Caroline only came up to her nose.

"Oh God, it wasn't supposed to happen this way…" Caroline cried, piecing together what happened. "You took the bolt… you took the spell!"

Betty, didn't seem to notice Caroline's confession however, she let out moan after moan, growing louder and shriller until they were just screams. The baggy sweater tightened as her torso enlarged. Her pants, damp with sweat, started to rip mid thigh along the seams, as her quadriceps pushed out further and further. Betty grabbed her side in pain, and the motion detached the sweater's sleeve, now taught as well between her biceps and triceps. Groans escaped as her back stretched filling out with muscle. Caroline heard a loud crack, as Betty's bra snapped.

All the while Betty grew. The cuffs of her pant legs teased the bottom of her calves. Her fingers tapered as they lengthened, achieving a powerful grace. Caroline fell into shock of her own, watching the transformation. Betty blocked the door, she couldn't get around her, at that point Caroline at best came up to her chin, and it looked as though there still was more growth left in the spell. But as she looked at Betty's lengthening form, she couldn't fight a lustful rage. This was her ideal body after all, she recognized it, and Betty was getting everything Caroline asked for.

Betty seemed to be in less and less pain, and realized what was happening to her. She gave the stunned Caroline a wide smile, and tore off her sleeves. She motioned to a full-length mirror she noticed in a corner. Unable to restrain a smile she flexed her arms. Small, round biceps rose, but kept getting bigger until they were baseball sized. She curled her arm in the opposite direction and giggled as horseshoe like triceps rose in response.

Now Caroline had a chance to moan and sob. One of her favorite sweaters was now in tatters, her car doors were unlocked, the medics were coming to her apartment, and to top it off, her spell worked on someone else. She fought bitterly from crying out loud, and tried to find a way around the growing Amazon, to reach her door.

Betty 'ooh''d as bright golden hair started to flow from her head. Its color was so brilliant that it seemed to glow, and stopped growing at her shoulders. She shook her head mischievously, and her new mane bounced with finesse. "Wow… such an improvement!!! I never, never ever…" Betty exclaimed in a deepening voice, as she removed Caroline's sweater to inspect her knew physique. Her old clothes still clung to her skin, more ragged than the sweater, and translucent from the sweat.

She turned to Caroline, who shook silently, and looked to be in shock. "Do you see? I mean, how is this possible? Caroline?" Betty became worried, "Uhm, don't be afraid… I'm not going to her you… I-" she trailed off. Caroline now only came to her chest, and Betty realized how tall she was. 'Jesus… I must be six foot five! I can't believe this… its just too…"

Caroline let out a moan of her own, that broke Betty's train of thought.

"No, don't be afraid, I'm… what are you looking at?" Betty noticed that Caroline was staring at her chest with mute horror. Betty inspected herself, but couldn't see anything different. "What's wrong… am I bleeding?" then Betty noticed it; her bra was pushing into her shirt, tighter and tighter. She had only been a b-cup before, and in the mirror, her breasts did look larger, but that was just from the added muscle, but now they were expanding on their own. Soon her shirt tented, as her twin globes inflated outward. She cried in pleasure, as the sweaty shirt ripped apart, further and further. Soon one massive melon found a rip, and tore through it out into the air. Caroline moaned again in witnessing its firmness, as it popped out inched from her face.

Betty found even her elongated fingers couldn't fit her exposed breast. She began to rub it, first quizzically, but as each touch created a shock of pleasure, the rubbing turned frantic. Her breasts stopped growing, but Betty didn't notice, too lost in caressing. Caroline became afraid, watching this huge woman, seemingly attacking herself for the pleasure. In a moment of collection, Betty ripped the remains of her t-shirt off, throwing it and her snapped bra across the room. Now she was faced with both of her perfect breasts.

Before she could continue the caress however, the door flung open with a crash.

'Everybody Freeze!' yelled a campus policeman as he jumped in. He stopped mid step and turned pale as he looked up, and up to Betty's flustered face. Betty tried her best to hide her endowments with her arms, but it was difficult. "W-we've b-b-been getting calls… Everyone in the building's b-been c-calling up dis-disturbances…"

Caroline felt faint, the officer's partner waited in the hall, along with two medics. "They heard… and we, we heard screams, sounded like…" the officer loosened his collar a bit, feeling the air get too heavy to breathe, "… sounded like someone, somebody was getting killed, up here."

Betty put a devilish look on her face. She gave Caroline an affectionate embrace. "I'm sorry officer, we were just studying," she delivered in an irresistibly seductive voice that shook everyone’s knees.

Caroline was shocked. Her head rested against Betty's bare breasts, exposed to all the officers and medics. They were in shock too, no one able to speak. She bit her lip and returned Betty's embrace, wrapping her arms around the larger girl's waist. She couldn't believe how tight Betty felt, like warm steel, and found that she couldn't bare to let go.

Betty started to feel uncomfortable, herself, with everyone staring at her. 'So, I'm sorry, officers, sometimes we just get carried away, you know.' Her embrace turned into a fake buddy hug.

"Uhm, yeah, just, well, yeah. Just don't do it again, and have a good day, you two." The officer politely closed the door. But even closed, "Holy shit, did you see the tits on that blond," could be heard in Caroline's dorm room.

Betty's eyes fluttered for a moment, and she really realized where she was. Caroline still hung around her slim waist, her fingers tracing along Betty's shoulder blades.


Betty gently removed Caroline from her.

"Caroline? I want to thank you," she bent down and picked up the remains of her t-shirt. "Thank you very much, but I think I should go."

Caroline stared up into her eyes with a lost look.

"Thank you again." She said, trying to fix her shirt in a manner that would leave something of her new physique to the imagination. While exiting though she turned back to Caroline, and felt that she was leaving on the wrong note, but realized that "Maybe we'll run into each other on campus," was also inappropriate only after saying it. So she turned out the door, and ducked as she went into the hall in an unsuccessfully comic manner.

As the door shut, Caroline was left in her dorm all alone. Her sweater was at her feet. She sighed, trying to piece together what went wrong with the spell, but was too tired. She paced for a minute, and then remembered that her car was still unlocked on the other side of campus. She grabbed her keys, slowly, and went out the door, stopping to check her reflection in the mirror.