Fitness Center part 1

Carol walked into Parkdale Health Center with a duffle bag full of the latest exercise gear. She spent all of Tuesday looking for a really good sweat suit, one which allowed for the best range of movement and the least resistance. She spent more than she intended... but for a good cause. In her sights sat physical fitness. She could clearly see what she would look like toned up, her thighs shapely, her butt rounder, and the little pouch falling over her stomach gone. Carol even fancied getting rid of the fat hanging beneath her arms Even though Rhonda stressed that the exercise "was a living hell".

When people mentioned Parkdale, they all complained about the price, but that's what really interested Carol. She knew herself, and knew that having a larger bill gave her more motivation to make the most of it, to stick to the workout. She wanted to get into shape.

She walked in with a light windbreaker covering her sweat suit top. She instinctively clasped the windbreaker closed as she walked up to the fitness center, knowing that the loose fabric couldn't hide all the folds on her body. She kept it clasped when a young man greeted her at the desk, and even when he assigned a pert little personal trainer to her.

"Hello, Carol, I'm Becky," she beamed with a bright little smile and a shake of her strawberry blond hair. Becky looked impossibly young, maybe a year out of high school. She wore only a little training bra and tight shorts which both left her entire midriff exposed. Carol stared at her flat stomach, thinking that Rhonda's must look like that too.

"Hello," Carol said, trying to maintain eye contact.

"I'm going to introduce you to the features and programs here at Parkdale Health Center, did you have any questions?"

Carol didn't so Becky led her to her personal locker, passing a huge floor filled with running machines, rowing machines, weight machines with computer consoles and free weights, and not enough people wandering around to use them all. "Towel service is provided for. We assign towels at the desk in between the men's and ladies locker rooms, just leave your towel in the reciprocal on the wall there when you're finished, you can take as many as you need, but one at a time."

"Oh, thank you."

"No problem, Mrs. Felloway. I'll let you get ready, and meet you outside to weigh you in."

"Miss," Carol wanted to say, but Becky already left her alone in the locker room.

Carol sat down in front of her locker, and opened up her bag of fitness gear. She realized that she probably wouldn't need any of it, or at least didn't feel comfortable hauling her own equipment out onto the floor. She pulled out a fitness drink as a compromise, and chugged the whole thing. Rhonda, who underwent the bulk of her amazing weight loss before Carol started working on her floor, recommended it.

Neatly, she placed her windbreaker and her equipment in her locker, and closed it. The pant legs of the sweat suit only came down to above the ankles, where a tiny little blue vein snaked into clear view. Carol felt disappointed and adjusted the pants so as to hide it.

She sat down on a bench for a bit, listening to her new cross training shoes squeak when they rubbed against the tiled floor, and tied her long brown hair into a tight pony which brushed along her shoulders. Carol felt tired, but then an image of Billy flashed in her mind, and she slowly stood up.

Becky looked a bit bored, scratching her lower back with her free hand and holding a clipboard in the other. When Carol stepped into her field of view though, she snapped back into perky character. "Alright Mrs. Felloway, lets just weigh you in here."

Becky led Carol up to an old fashion scale; she slid the weights around until they balanced out. "Let's see here... looks like one sixty...."

Carol grimaced as she lowered her head, did she have to say it so loud? Carol remembered how Billy used to poke her in her gut, sometimes.

"...and a height of... five feet and three, no... four inches... ok. Now let me see your arm here, so I can take your blood pressure. Good, really good."

"I used to jog. A lot, I jogged a lot in college."

"Yeah, that really stays in the leg muscles; that's really good. Well what did you want to work on?" Becky finished with her clipboard, and took to scratching her back again, before giving Carol another wide smile.

"I'm sorry?"

"Oh, I mean, were you looking to build some muscle... or were you looking to tone up, or were trying to improve your heart rate, focus more on cardio, and stuff like that?"

"I want to get thinner," Carol shot out, with more excitement than she intended. "I mean, slim up a little, maybe along my thighs, and work on my well..." she searched for a good way to say, but then just whispered. "And well, tone up my, my butt..."

"Well, that should be no problem. If you want to tone those areas, you're going to want to do a lot of really repetitive exercises. Low weight high reps, with a lot of reps in a set."


"I think the aerobics would be a really good idea, too. Actually, it's been awhile since you seriously worked out, or jogged, hasn't it?"

"Yeah, a loooooooong while," Carol joked, and Becky did give a short chuckle.

"Well, for the first week or so why don't you just focus on the aerobics? You don't want to burn your body out..."

Deep inside Carol felt as though she was being talked down to, unintentionally. "Well ok."

"You're in luck, there's a section starting in about fifteen minutes or so, so you can jump right in." Becky paused for a second to assume a more jovial tone of voice. "You made it just in the right time, girl."

Carol smiled, and returned a restrained chuckle.

"It'll be in the 'A' room, and will go on for about an hour. Remember: don't over do it."


"The instructor will be Angela, and she's fantastic, you'll really love her. You can go now; there should be a couple of people already in there, warming up. And after the exercise, if you still have some energy, try about twenty minutes on a treadmill, at maybe two point four miles an hour, just don't over exert yourself. So are you all ready?"


"Good, I'll be around if you have any questions." And with that, Becky waved goodbye.

"Wait, Becky?"


"Which room is 'A'?"

"Oh my God, I'm so sorry, right over there Mrs. Felloway."

"Thank you, Becky."

Mirrors lined all of the walls in Room A, so when Carol walked it seemed almost crowded, but only a handful of people were sprawling around on the floor. They contorted their bodies in all manner of strange positions. Apparently they were "stretching" but it didn't look like such to Carol, more like writhing in pain. They eventually settled into a very dynamic position and then groan loudly, and move into another.

The walls bounced sound off without absorbing any of it, and Carol realized to keep a conversation private, you needed to exercise great caution. Two women, about her age, confirmed her suspicions. They tried to keep their conversation about some co worker who they both liked to themselves by speaking in whispers, but everyone else in the room heard it plainly.

Carol felt bored. She played with her sweat suit, which looked like a one piece because both the top and the pants shared the same shade of dark blue. Their only decorations were three white stripes which ran down along both sleeves and both pant legs, and a black zipper which Carol kept all the way up. She wished she could pull off an outfit like Becky, with shorts that looked more like panties, exposing all of her thigh.

She could imagine the attention that would grab, it grabbed hers anyway. She remembered the look on Bill's face when he first met Rhonda, very stunned, how it left him really unable to even speak to her or anyone for a few minutes. How he almost dropped those art supplies he carted everywhere... Carol wanted that kind of attention. She imagined her body tighter than Becky's, who looked better than Rhonda, who really, in reality was just slim with good, firm tits. If she worked at it, her body could probably beat out Rhonda's too, even though her breasts would never be as big. She imagined the look on Billy's face, and look on the face of that little whore he was with now when she'd show up with her new body, that whore would probably choke, would have to blink a couple of times, before... And she wasn't even fit at all, if that's what Bill left for, she was just young, and young girls look like that... She decided right then that she didn't even want Billy back... no just wanted him to know that he could never have her, she just wanted to burn that look on his face and watch him lose his train of thought, and the words on his lips when she'd strut into some room. She envisioned her new self, tall and strong, and she could almost make it out as if it were in front of her, like she was looking into her own reflection. She could see the outline of this body as a silhouette, so tight with bold curves in place of the deep folds. Carol wanted that body now, and she demanded her imagination for it!

"Alright class," Carol raised her head in a flash. People stood all around her, she had been lost in daydream. "My name's Angela, this is the low level aerobics class, beginners and intermediate, if this is anybody's first time, please come to the front so you can get a better view of the movements." Carol stood up in place demurely, even though she was toward the back. Angela stood alone in the front of the room; she was dark and tall, probably of Greek, or Italian decent.

"No fresh meat then?"

The class chuckled softly.

"Alright, we'll try for the full hour today, a ten minute warm up, and a fifteen minute cool down. I'll start the music and ready! one two three!"

Everyone around her started into the warm up routine, but Carol needed a second to lower the zipper on her top. Her little daydream left her sweating madly... she felt very hot, and her heart raced in her chest. As soon as her top was comfortable she threw her body into the warm up. She felt electric, every inch of her skin tingled. Her mind still entertained what Billy's little whore would look like when Carol showed off her new body. God, she'd leave that young little bitch speechless, let her know what a woman was supposed to look like. Let Billy run off with a girl, if he couldn't handle a woman.

"Alright now, we're going to start the exercises now. First the glutes."

Carol pulsed with the beat of Angela's music, devouring every new exercise. Her skin was on fire and everything inside of her felt like it was shifting. The glutes exercise include a slight hip thrust but she grinded it, moaning a little with every push. She could feel the muscles bunching up underneath her skin, feel them tightening, she was in love with the motion.

Only one man was behind her. Already winded early in the exercise, as was his custom, Daryl became transfixed with the portly woman in front of him. She moved as though dancing, with her movements becoming more natural and driving by the minute, and her energy infected the entire room, everyone pushed themselves harder, even though they weren't directly looking at, or even conscious of her. This woman in front of him, though chubby, had a nice innocent face which he caught as it turned his way from time to time. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. He never saw anyone throw themselves into an exercise like this before, and her body seemed to be reacting in turn. He stared at her ass, which he could tell even under the baggy jogging suit, grew taught with every motion.

At the end of every repetition, Carol's moans grew more orgasmic. She felt someone's eyes on her back and smiled, knowing they'd stay on her. She burned inside, and feeling ready to explode right in the back of that room. She closed her eyes and started a pant as a release; she liked the feel of the heat... it needed to stay inside her, it was different somehow and she knew that she needed to stoke it, to let it burn as long as possible. She turned her head back to address her onlooker, who despite the embarrassment of being caught midstare couldn't take his eyes away. Carol licked her lips and blew him a kiss, before shutting her eyes and almost succumbing to the wave that rolled through her. And Daryl watched dumbfounded as the fabric of her pants pulled tight as her ass rounded into perfection.

"Okay now let's step... one two one two one two three and go!"

Everyone else started into the step but Carol sunk down, now pleasantly more limber, she lowered herself into a mid split, and caressed her legs. She dripped sweat. Every motion further glued her pants to her skin, and sent her chuckling at encountering the firm muscle riding under her skin. She rose back into position slowly, with a moan. The heat was trying to escape her but she wouldn't let it... she was never going to release it.

Carol put herself mentally back into the class, exercising alongside them, that man's eyes on her back felt good, and it felt like it was feeding her, but she needed everyone else moving in time... if everyone else stopped, she would have to as well.

Through the fabric of her pants she could see the bunch of muscles above her knee growing with trembles, but it almost wasn't enough...

Now, ready, grab and reach and grab and reach and knees up."

Her entire midsection contracted at once feeling like a buck shot in the kidneys. Carol almost doubled over, and tried to breathe out to puff out her stomach, but it wouldn't expand far... The heat running through her was almost lost to the pain in her organs. Her kidney's throbbed and her intestines ached at being shoved into proper position so quickly. The heat still tried to escape her, but she held it hostage, barely. Her stomach refused to return out any further, but instead flattened more, with a small crevasse forming at the base of her rib cage and running straight through her navel down beneath the waistband of her sweat pants. The pain would've been unbearable but now when she'd raise an arm, the track suit fabric rose, exposing some of her sore midriff to the cooling air.

Daryl could barely hold any attention for the class at hand... he just shuffled around in place, transfixed with this girl in front of him. Her movements were just as passionate, but she worked to restrain them. But she shot up, always getting taller and taller... Daryl was sure of this, when they started. He remembered seeing clear above her head, but now they were both about the same height—-give or take a couple inches. And in the beginning of the workout her hair had been tied into a tight ponytail, but her hair seemed to be lengthening and now the knot of the ponytail fell in between her shoulder blades supported by a sweaty clump of brown hair.

"And Step it out... one two one two..."

Carol could barely keep from shaking, she felt queasy, like she was rising. Every time she put her foot down her entire body shook and then hardened. It was almost too much, but she wouldn't let it stop, she had a little sense of herself now, Carol knew she looked different, but she felt like she could look better, be better. With a grunt she pushed herself harder.

"And now butterfly press... elbows together, elbows apart, punch left, punch right..."

Carol grimaced through the exercise, and let a few moans of pleasure escape for everyone to hear. She couldn't help it, looking down she couldn't take her eyes off the top of shirt. As every time she threw her elbows apart, her breasts would jiggle in place, and she would close her elbows, feeling her breasts' warmth against her arms, and then she'd shoot her elbows out again. But after every repetition there would be more flesh bouncing about in her bra. Before, her breasts were no more than nubs. As she gained weight after college, they started into a nasty sag. Now, spurred by every thrust of the exercise, they both firmed and expanded under her shirt, fighting with her training bra in the process. Carol loved the sensation they gave her by just sitting there, rolling with the motion of the exercise. She wanted to cup them in her hands, right there, but she couldn't give up the movement. She didn't know what was happening or why, but she felt that it would last as long she could cultivate it.

"Ok, now step it out and into the cool down stretches."

The blood drained from Carol's face as her mouth fell open. She couldn't stop now...

Daryl's workout routine devolved into what looked like a drunk stumbling in place. No else in the class seemed to be paying attention, through genuine ignorance or a force of will on their part, so this show belonged solely to Daryl to enjoy. And he couldn't shake himself from the sight of her, now slender and much taller, perhaps more so than he, with the cuffs of her pants just under her knees, and a pair of breasts that would now bounce into his view with every twist of the torso, and Angela, to her credit gave the torso many opportunities to do that twisting in her class. But when Angela announced the cool down, this woman almost froze in place, and then almost convulsed before bolting out of the room in a flash. The sound of the door closing came almost as quickly as the woman sprinted out. Daryl stood in a daze as the rest of the class dropped to the floor for the stretch, he himself remained standing, and in clear view of Angela.

"Everyone on the floor now."

Daryl complied with an awkward wave and meekly finished out the exercise with the class.