Allison hadn't said a word in almost ten minutes. Well, Seth didn't know exactly how long it had been, but to him, it felt like at least fifteen minutes.

“Are you feeling any better?” he asked from behind her.

She stopped walking for a second, and pulled his jacket tighter around her. “Yeah, the air… its helping,” and then she just went back to walking.

She seemed genuine in her response, which calmed Seth a little, but the way she spoke, like she felt queasy still. He felt like he should put his arm around her shoulder, but this was all his fault, and he didn't want to feel her pull away from him.

No! He thought, it wasn't his fault, it was those Skater kids… always crashing every party in the neighborhood. That he should have to see them every day in school was painful enough, but they had to screw up his life on the outside too…

“Can't even skate anyway…” he muttered.

“Hmm?” Allison asked.

“Nothing, nothing.” He rammed his fists into his pants pockets. The cool night air sent shivers up his bare arms but Allison seemed to need his jacket. If he spent too much longer out there, he'd be sicker than she could ever get. He realized that they'd walked for about fifteen minutes. His car, parked next to Mark's house, would be at least another twenty minutes back up the road.

They were in the high class part of the neighborhood, where the properties grew larger and more expensive the deeper they went in. There would be a heavily wooded lot followed by a dimly lit mini mansion in the middle of about an acre of perfect-green-grass, and once at the cul-de-sac at the end of the road, the houses were the size of castles, almost. The road lights stopped pretty far back, but the dim moonlight and Allison's light colored pants allowed Seth to see her.

Just then, Allison collapsed with a moan. In a second, Seth fell to his knees, propping her up, so he could look her in her brown eyes. “Allison! Are you alright?”

She just stared up at him blankly.

“Do you feel like you're gonna vomit?”

“No… I just, I'm not feeling better,” she said softly, in a defeated whisper.

Seth helped her to her feet, but kept his arm around her back. “Let's head to the car… its getting cold.”

She nodded in agreement and they took off back towards Mark's house. She whispered, “I'm sorry,” but Seth ignored it.

Christ, if I'd ‘ve known that the liquor would do this to her, Seth thought after feeling the warmth on her skin. He knew she definitely had a fever; her father was going to kill him. As protective as he was of her, Seth was surprised that her old man hadn't sensed his daughter's predicament from afar and raced down to save her. Allison loved her father, though. She never stopped talking about how brilliant he was. How when she got sick back in elementary school, he made her medication using his access to the government labs, mixed the drugs himself.

He seriously doubted that the concoction that her father mixed up could gain FDA approval, and probably did as much harm as good in the long run. She hinted, completely by accident, that she still needed to use them regularly enough, almost ten years later. Seth would prefer the term addiction by that point, but there wasn't much he could do. From now on though, he decided to take the part about being allergic to liquors seriously.

But that wasn't his fault… He barely got her to come with him to Mark's party, and they were having fun. She dressed up for it, put on white pants that hugged her thin legs, and thin little sweater that cupped her pert little breasts. She was smiling, and laughing, and they even shared a dance in the basement. Everything was cool until the little mini-Dwight showed up, with his little gang in tow.

Allison had a thing for him, it was in her eyes, and Seth couldn't miss it. So when she saw Dwight, all 5'4” of him, she would run up and have a little conversation, from above of course, she's about 5'5.

“Ow… Seth… let up…” Allison whined, genuinely irritated...

Seth blushed, realizing that just by thinking of that little twerp, he tightened his grip on her. “Sorry,” he told her, but was really apologizing for taking his eyes off her at the party, when he walked away from Dwight's Skater posse (always ready for a fight, and always hoping to fight him) to hang out with Mark.

By the time he found Allison, Dwight had her downing about half of a pitcher of some orange drink. Seth hung low until Dwight stepped aside, then walked right up to her, and gave her a long kiss. Long enough that everyone would see it anyway, but when he pulled away from Allison's mouth he could taste the liquor.

“How do you feel?” he asked, wondering if she knew what she had been drinking, but she didn't hear him, and just smiled blankly.

An hour later, she was crouched over the toilet. Her skin had drained to a light pale, and her body was twitching like a sparking toy. Twenty five minutes later, Seth was out in the cold night air walking back to his car.

And the bitch was that Dwight wouldn't be the person Allison's father would kill over this.

“Seth?” Allison started, moving out of his embrace, “I'm feeling really hot…” she started to take off his jacket.

“No… you shouldn't, I heard its good for you, and you should stay warm, if you're sick.”

“I'm going to vomit if I don't get this off, Seth,” she said with slight indignation.

Seth stopped abruptly and took back his coat with an annoyed sigh.


He didn't have his arm around her when he first caught sight of his car, a little further up the road from Mark's house. It was just after 11:30 and the party was still in full swing, so cars lined both sides of the street. Mark's house hid the noises inside pretty well, but there were small little clusters of people scattered along the edges of the properties, smoking and talking amongst themselves.

Seth couldn't see them, but he heard them as he walked on.

“Ughn…” Allison moaned and collapsed into a ball.

Seth scampered down to her. She hid her face from him. He reached out and clumsily stroked her hair. “Allison? Allison?”

She let him see her face, she was crying. “I don't feel right, Seth.”

“Hey, look, my cars not too far now, just… if we get to the car, I can get you home…” He paused to take a deep breath, and then told her, “I can even bring you to the hospital…” but doubted that he could muster up enough strength to actually walk her in, or answer any questions regarding where two minors would get the alcohol.

“Seth, I don't feel right… Seth,” Allison whimpered from her ball.

“Alright, c-can you sit up?” She didn't answer. Seth leant down and cautiously set her on her knees. Her skin, slick with sweat, paled further. He stood up and dusted off his hands. “Just sit there for a second. We can go when you feel alright.”

Allison looked down at the pavement, gasping slightly, as if she was trying to hold something down. Seth smiled a bit when he realized some color was going back into her skin. But then he rubbed his eyes, suddenly annoyed with it all. Dwight didn't have to sit here with her &helip;

“Hey look-it Seth over there!” Seth spun his head around and then moaned when he realized it was two of Dwight's skater minions, Steve and John, heading in his direction.

“Oh my Gawd, hey save some for us, Seth,” John called out with a drunken slur.

Seth looked down and realized that his crotch was about only ten inches from Allison's head. “Oh shit, not now…”

“Seth, please… I don't feel right…” Allison pleaded, but Seth ignored her to fully prepare to deal with the two approaching problems.

“C'mon it's been a long day…” John walked up to Allison, pushing Seth into the grass.

“Hey, fuck off…” Seth ran back up to them. “Why don't you fuck-heads just fuck off?”

Now it was Steve who pushed Seth into the grass, but John kept up the talking, ”Cause, you looked like you were havin so much fun here, that's why, right out here in the open, hey, Ally…” he sloppily stroked Allison's hair with one hand, while cupping his crotch with the other.

“No… stop…” Allison said softly, apparently to herself.

“Get away, can't you see she's sick?” Seth felt assured that they would listen to reason.

“Sick of you maybe...” Now Steve chuckled in response.

Allison started a pained moan, but John and Steve were having too much fun with Seth to notice much anything else.

John started unzipping his pants and giving comic little hoots and calls out, not noticing Allison's increasing moans, not even noticing as she began to rock herself in place, painfully, while clutching at her sides, her head lowered to her chest.

“Jesus! You see she's fucking sick, just go fuck off!” Seth screamed. “What's the matter? Your little twerp ringleader runs away and you turn into fucking gorillas?!?”

Steve took some offence to the remark, and quickly smashed his fist into Seth's face. Seth stumbled around in a daze before falling on his back. He groaned writhing about in the grass. He slapped his hand over his nose as he felt it well up with blood. Seth's senses blurred as he slowly came into realization of where he was.

Seth caught sight of Steve and John. They were standing very still, and didn't seem to notice him there at all. He sat up slowly, a ripping sound in his ears making him question how hard he had been hit. Then he caught sight of Allison, but she didn't look right. The color was back in her skin, but there was too much of it, like she had a deep tan. Her shoulder length brown hair seemed much darker too, and it now swept across her back

Seth looked on, quizzically, as Steve and John backed up, and jogged away. “Allison?”

She didn't respond.

“Are you all right?”

She moaned a bit. Seth couldn't be certain but it seemed as though her sweater was tighter across her back. He heard a snap, and could see her bra separate under the fabric. When he squinted his eyes he could see her back quivering. With each breath it seemed to thicken, and stretch further out. Rips spread up under her arm pits, exposing healthily tanned skin as her lats spread out.

Seth propped himself up on one elbow, still using a hand to cover his nose, and Allison seemed to react in turn, leaning back and flicking her head up to the sky. She wore a pained expression, sweat rolled down her face in streams, and her eyelids were firmly shut. Seth cringed as he saw that her entire body seemed to be growing in time. Her sleeves barely contained her arms, where on the top sleek biceps rose and on the bottom a solid bulge formed into perfect horseshoe triceps.

Allison started to breathe heavily, and started a shrill moan. To Seth, she seemed to be restraining a sob; her entire torso quaked, shaking her pert little breasts under the sweater. Just then both her pant legs split at the seams as her leg muscles forced openings. Seth was frozen, in a state of fear and shock.

Allison arched her back until her widening shoulder blades almost touched the ground. In reaction, one sleeve tore across her shoulder, while the other split in a vertical slash from her wrist to her triceps. She let out a groan that seeped from her torso and shook Seth who cowered some ten feet away. The backs of her shoes fell apart as her feet expanded through them. Her hair flowed onto the ground, now a pitch black with a healthy sheen in the night light.

Her breathing became more dramatic. Under the taters of her sweater, her breasts bulged. They fought against her broken bra, pushing and swelling outwards. She let out a relieved moan when one of her large breasts forced its way out of the sweater by expanding an underarm rip down past her navel. In the cold night air her nipple hardened, while granting Seth a clear view of exactly how huge her breasts were becoming. Now her ribs were exposed as well, they expanded and contracted along with her mad breathing. Every breath seemed to add definition to her unconcealed abs.

Allison let out a pleasured cry, and collapsed flat onto her back. She closed her eyes and smiled in rapture. She wiggled her massive body in cool grass while the final beads of sweat slid over her tanned skin.

Seth stood up, but didn't approach. He couldn't hear anything; the small conversations in the shadows had stopped, and no insects moved in the trees.

A cold breeze swept through him and sent the leaves on the trees into motion. Allison slowly got to her feet, oblivious to everything. As she got up to her knees, her butt, now rock solid and noticeably larger, split through the seat of her pants, while her widened hips took the button off her waist band.

When she stood at her full height, much taller than her original five foot five, and even Seth's five eleven, she opened her eyes and assumed a peaceful smile. She didn't notice Seth there, as he cupped his nose, or much of anything else. She simply flexed her arms and let her large muscles swim in response. Eventually, she turned in a seemingly arbitrary direction, and sauntered away from her boyfriend in a seductive and silent motion with a natural grace. Her clothes that still hung around her in stretched out tatters swayed in the breeze with her raven colored hair, and teased Seth with flashes of her chiseled back.

He stood for a moment before, slowly, walking after her. Her feet didn't make a sound when they touched the ground, but he sounded like he was tripping. He didn't have much idea of what to do right then, when Allison walked into a bank of trees which extended beyond the houses of the neighborhood. He stopped when she vanished in them, and took a look back in the direction of his car, before thinking for a moment.

He had just seen his girlfriend turn into the most buxom, beautiful Amazon he'd ever seen, and couldn't make out the correct behavior for the situation. He looked back into the bank of trees; Allison wasn't making anymore noise in the underbrush than she did on the flat street. So Seth cautiously followed up behind her, knowing that if he didn't keep up he'd lose her in the shadows.